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about the event


at next of kin, we crafted a mesmerizing concert for bestseller's christmas dinner, starring the incredible pernille rosendahl. meticulous planning turned the venue into a festive paradise, accentuating pernille's soulful performance. the result? an enchanting evening that surpassed expectations, leaving the team in awe. pernille's captivating setlist, paired with seamless production, created cherished memories. until our next musical marvel, let the spirit of this christmas concert linger in bestseller's hearts.



after a talk with bestseller about their wishes for the artist, we agreed that pernille rosendahl would be the perfect fit, with her silky smooth voice and warm appearance.


in order to create an intimate and christmasy vibe, we had lights set by our team, who focused on warm tone, that supported the holiday feeling.


when a concert is for 17.000 people, a proper stage is important. our team set up a suitable size scene, with screens for at better view for the back rows.

sound tech

nothing is more important than the quality of the sound. our sound technicians made sure that the sound was crystal clear and consumed the entire room.