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Since their first collaboration in the late 90s, Dorthe Gerlach and Michael Hartmann have been forging an exceptional and captivating sound landscape, where pop, country, and folk harmoniously blend into warm and emotive musical narratives.

With roots deeply planted in Danish songwriting tradition and an international perspective, Hush has managed to create a timeless and pertinent sound. It all began with their breakthrough single "Sometimes" in 2004 — a heartfelt track that instantly became a hit in Denmark and across Europe. The debut album "A Lifetime" followed soon after, cementing the duo's position as one of the country's most cherished pop groups.

Over the years, Hush has continually explored and expanded their musical universe, resulting in numerous albums, each contributing to enriching the Danish music scene. The band's concerts are known for their intimate atmosphere, where Gerlach's passionate vocals and Hartmann's musicality create a profound connection with the audience.

Hush exemplifies how music can encompass both grandeur and intimacy, and how two musicians can create a sound that speaks directly to the heart through close collaboration. With a mix of beauty and melancholy, depth and lightness, they take us on a journey through emotions and moods that touch both soul and mind.

Today, we celebrate Hush and their contribution to Danish music, eagerly awaiting the next chapters in their musical journey. With a strong connection to their listeners and unwavering dedication to their art, Hush continues to captivate and inspire generations of music lovers.

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