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The Danish Chamber Orchestra stands out as the only major self-governing, musician-owned orchestra in Denmark. This unique structure allows the orchestra to thrive on the collective personality and creativity of its musicians. True to its roots, it proudly carries its original Danish name, ‘Underholdningsorkester’ – the entertainment orchestra.

Since its inception, the Danish Chamber Orchestra has evolved from a studio orchestra focused on light entertainment into one of the world's most renowned ensembles for Viennese classicism. After becoming independent in 2015, the orchestra has maintained its stylistic versatility and continued to push the boundaries of classical music. It has launched pedagogical initiatives, explored innovative concert formats, and performed at prestigious venues worldwide, including the Musikverein in Vienna.

In recent years, the Danish Chamber Orchestra has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Mew, Tim Christensen, Burhan G, and Pernille Rosendahl, among many others, showcasing the orchestra's versatility and commitment to blending classical music with contemporary genres.

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