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building sustainable artist careers

identify and amplify the

artist DNA


we work closely with our artists to meticulously identify their unique DNA and ensure that their distinct expression is presented authentically in all contexts, whether it be a live-event, music release or something completely different.

we strive to highlight and articulate exactly what our artists represent and what they want to express without anything getting lost in translation.

  • Pernille Rosendahl

    pernille rosendahl

    2024 Cathrine Brix

  • Lene Nystrøm

    2024 Eva Kruse

  • hush


    2024 Nikolaj Osorio

  • ANYA


    2024 Anders Berg

  • Toke Bjørneboe

    Mew & The Danish Chamber orchestra

    2024 Toke Bjørneboe

  • Rene dif

    Rene dif

    2023 Eva kruse

  • Dorthe Pernille

    Dorthe Gerlach & Pernille Rosendahl

    2023 Cathrine Brix

  • calby

    2023 Disco:wax


sustainable artist careers

in order to establish and maintain a sustainable career, we offer our artists the necessary guidance and resources to handle what is required of them.

we work closely with each artist to lay a customized plan that takes into account their unique position and challenges. we are committed to creating a culture of compassion for our artists and help them to achieve greatness in a sustainable way.

several nets in the


our industry is constantly changing and this often effects the sources of income for artists. relying solely on live shows and streaming income can make it difficult for artists to make a sustainable living today.

we want to enhance all aspects of our artists' brand, and continuously explore and develop new monetizable concepts beyond the conventional sources of income.