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Yör embodies the sound of dreamy, raw honesty, drawing listeners into their authentic and immersive indie-pop universe. They seamlessly blend the delicate and intimate with the grand and explosive. Their unique Danish lyrics unfold in a dreamy mix of organic and electronic instruments, centered around Marie's captivating vocals and lyrical talent, framed by raw synth textures, and driven by deep bass and drums.

In the fall of 2023, Yör released their long-awaited and critically acclaimed debut album, "Intet så rigtigt," which had been in the works for several years. Ralf Christensen from Information praised the track "Badekar," noting, "There is a simple logic and naive beauty in the lyrics and music."

Their debut album has already made a significant impact on the Danish music scene, establishing Yör as one of the most intriguing upcoming indie acts. It is an album that sonically embraces Scandinavian indie-pop, with poetic and impressionistic songwriting, enhanced by neon lights and majestic synth landscapes that span a wide range: from indie-techno to intimate ballads.

Yör has not only impressed in the studio; their live performances are an experience on its own. With sold-out headliner concerts at venues such as Lille VEGA, Empire Bio and Volume Village, Yör has demonstrated their ability to create an intimate connection with their audience, leaving them enchanted and enriched.

Yör's unique sound and musical prowess have secured them a place among the most promising talents on the Danish music scene. Yör consists of members and friends Marie Kildebæk (vocals), Viktor Dahl (synth), Janus Bagh (bass), and Lasse Jacobsen (drums).

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